Wildwood Preserve Metropark

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Snow covered path leading to a covered bridge at Wildwood Preserve Matropark
--Toledo, Ohio Image Number: 00222
Snow covered tree at Wildwood Preserve Matropark
--Toledo, Ohio Image Number: 00223
Snow covered roadway at Wildwood Preserve Matropark
--Toledo, Ohio

Location Name:  Wildwood Preserve Metropark (Toledo, Ohio)

Location Type:  Park (County)

Year Opened:  1974


Wildwood Preserve Metropark was created on the former estate of local automotive executive, Robert A. Stranahan, Sr., and his wife Page. In 1938, the Manor House (then known as Stranleigh) was completed by local architectural firm Mills, Rhines, Bellman and Nordhoff, Inc. The 32,000-square-foot mansion was built in the Georgian Colonial style for Stranahan, one of the founders of Champion Spark Plug Company at a cost of $350,000. Stranleigh came to represent the wealth brought to Toledo by the automobile industry, and its lavish setting was used by Stranahan to host business parties and entertain Toledo’s social elite.

In 1974, several years after the deaths of Robert and Page Stranahan, much of the estate was purchased by the Metroparks of the Toledo Area. Renamed Wildwood Preserve Metropark, the park included 500 acres of the 750-acre estate, including the Stranahan home (now known as the Manor House). In 1998, the Oak Grove School was moved a quarter-mile to Wildwood Preserve. The one-room brick schoolhouse is used today to teach visitors about school life in the 1890s.

Wildwood is rich in history, but even more dedicated to the wooded setting which it protects. The numerous nature trails allow visitors to experience the natural world without having to escape Toledo’s urban environment.

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